Health, Wellbeing and Productivity

The Next Phase

WorldGBC’s Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices report raised awareness of this important topic and set out a framework for organisations to measure how their building impacts on their most valuable asset, their employees.

The next challenge is action and implementation – to ensure that the ideas put forward have an impact ‘on the ground’. 

Therefore, WorldGBC is launching a follow-up campaign, to build on the foundation provided by the report and to ensure that these principles can be taken forward beyond just the office sector.

To accelerate the demand and delivery of greener, healthier buildings across all building types, the WorldGBC will:

* Create tools and resources for the collection of health, wellbeing and productivity data for building types beyond offices;

* Collaborate with strategic partners to increase demand for healthy buildings across multiple building sectors;

* Act as a central hub for the coordination of GBC programs on health, wellbeing and productivity in buildings and facilitate knowledge transfer globally;

* Support GBCs in the benchmarking of health, wellbeing and productivity data at national levels in order to better understand what constitutes good performance;

* Connect building industry professionals globally to education and training opportunities to support the delivery of healthier buildings.

For this work, working groups made up of experts with global representation will define the metrics for each sector and then go on to develop the tools and resources to help those metrics be implemented.

GBCs will play an important role in this campaign:

* All GBCs are invited to join an Advisory Group providing input into the project;

* Established GBCs are eligible to nominate a representative to international review groups that will ensure the global relevance of the campaign;

* All GBCs will be able to distribute and promote all of the tools and resources created by the project, access educational materials, develop pilot projects with their members, and create their own events and educational opportunities.

Further, this campaign will act as a nexus or ‘hub’ for the numerous national GBC programs on healthy buildings, including the development of national data collection programs. The WorldGBC will facilitate cross-GBC learning and sharing of materials and strategies to strengthen national efforts on this work.

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