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Sustainable Cities Initiative

Creating a Green Building Support System for Cities

The World Green Building Council’s Sustainable Cities Initiative (SCI) supports national green building councils (GBCs) in their relationships with local governments around the world, with the aim of creating greener, more sustainable cities everywhere.

The SCI also partners with other leading global organizations working towards greener, smarter cities. By collaborating with like-minded organizations, the SCI is better able to provide the information, expertise and insight that local governments need to drive their sustainable city agendas and fundamentally shift the form and function of our urban environments.

Through capacity building and cultivating opportunities for growth, partnership and influence, the SCI works to enable all GBCs to have robust sustainable city programs.

With initiatives designed to support the efforts of GBCs at all stages of their evolution, participation in the SCI is open to all WorldGBC members.

The SCI meets monthly and all members are invited to actively participate in the SCI’s programs and projects. Examples of current projects include:

  • City Market Briefs: Snapshots of the green building industry and policies for cities around the world. Currently, briefs are available for over a dozen cities with dozens more slated for completion. Together, these briefs form an easily accessible compendium of policy best practices and a roadmap for market transformation at the local level.
  • Green City Study Tours: Tours of the world’s leading sustainable cities will be organized for GBCs and their local government representatives to see best practice examples of green buildings, neighborhoods and entire communities and meet with the city leaders making them possible. The first study tour will take place in Vancouver in June 2015.

The SCI also hosts the Sustainable Cities Initiative Speakers Series, featuring presentations and interviews with representatives from leading organizations working towards the realization of more sustainable cities. All GBCs and their members are welcome to the SCI Speaker Series.

For questions or for any further information about the SCI please contact Michelle Malanca.

SCI Task Force Members

Michelle Malanca, World Green Building Council

Jason Hartke, U.S. Green Building Council

Adam Beck, Green Building Council Australia and Ecodistricts

José Moulin Netto, Green Building Council Brasil

Felipe Faria, Green Building Council Brasil

Sid HyoGeun KIM, Korea Green Building Council

John Alker, UK Green Building Council

Bengt Wånggren, Sweden Green Building Council

Ann-Kristin Karlsson, Sweden Green Building Council

Brian Wilkinson, Green Building Council South Africa

Cristina Gamboa, Colombia Green Building Council

Pilar Medina, Colombia Green Building Council

Marie Westholm-Knebel, Emirates Green Building Council

Tara Tariq, Emirates Green Building Council

Tony Lee, Green Building Council Mauritius

Chungha Cha, Korea Green Building Council