A Common European Language for Sustainable Building Assessment

Helsinki, Finland
Tuesday 09th May 2017

In the summer of 2017, the European Commission will release a crucial piece of policy for the EU’s sustainable building market: an EU ‘framework’ of core performance indicators – to define the future direction of how we assess and benchmark sustainable buildings across Europe.

The aim of the framework is to mainstream sustainable building assessment by creating a common approach, building on and integrating with the work of existing certification tools – and to shift our sector towards a ‘lifecycle’ approach as part of the EU’s Circular Economy agenda.

This special workshop hosted by GBC Finland, WorldGBC and Stora Enso invites local expert stakeholders to:

  • Learn about the EU framework;
  • Understand its potential impacts on the Finnish market;
  • Work together to explore how it might be implemented in local conditions.


Stakeholder feedback from the workshop will be used to inform European Commission, GBC Finland and WorldGBC plans for implementation of the framework in the region.

Venue: Stora Enso Head Office, Kanavaranta 1, Helsinki
Registration: Contact etunimi.sukunimi@figbc.fi



8:30-9:00   Registration & light breakfast

9:00-9:15   Welcome & Introduction to the Workshop

  • Jari Suominen, Executive Vice President Wood Products, Stora Enso
  • Petri Perttula, Head of Building Solutions, Stora Enso
  • Mikko Nousiainen, CEO, GBC Finland


Presentations (9.15-10:45)

9:15-9:25   The European Context: How We Grow the Sustainable Building Market
James Drinkwater, European Regional Director, WorldGBC

9:25-9:45   An EU Framework for Sustainable Building Assessment: The European Commission’s Approach
Josefina Lindblom, Policy Officer, DG Environment

9:45-10:15   Lifecycle Thinking in the Building Sector: The Finnish Government’s Approach
Matti Kuittinen, ‎Senior Advisor & Harri Hakaste, Senior Architect, Ministry of the Environment

10:15-10:25   How GBC Finland is Supporting the Move Towards Lifecycle Thinking
Jessica Karhu, Senior Sustainability Specialist, GBC Finland

10:25-10:35   Why A Common Language is Key for the Market
Roy Antink, SVP, International Policy Coordination, Stora Enso

10:35-10:45   Introduction of roundtable topics and practices


Networking Break (10:45-11:15)


Roundtables (11:15-12:45)

During roundtables, stakeholders will explore different areas of the EU Framework, and collaborate to provide expert feedback on key barriers and solutions to its national implementation.

Group A: GHG Emissions / Lifecycle Costing
Led by Sami Lankiniemi, Project Manager, GBC Finland

Group B: Resource Efficiency / Water Efficiency
Led by Josefina Lindblom, Policy Officer, DG Environment, European Commission

Group C: Health & Comfort / Resilience
Led by Audrey Nugent, European Senior Policy Advisor, WorldGBC


In relation to each area in the framework, groups will explore the following:

11:15-11:45   Market Readiness

What is happening in these areas of building assessment now, what widespread initiatives already support assessment in these areas?

11:45-12:15   Barriers

What key barriers to wider adoption of these assessment indicators do you see?

12:15-12:45   Solutions

What potential solutions can you suggest to overcome these barriers, and which organisations might be well positioned to support such solutions?


Plenary Feedback, Next Steps & Closing (12:45-13:30)