group.jpg2011 Award Recipients, Toronto, Canada

WorldGBC Awards

The World Green Building Council recognises outstanding contributions to the green building movement through a number of awards that salute those working to transform our built environment towards sustainability.

WorldGBC Chairman's Awards

First launched in 2011, the prestigious World Green Building Council Chairman's Awards are given to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the global sustainability movement. Our award winners’ efforts have been instrumental in advancing the sustainability movement and raising awareness of the challenges the world faces. The Chairman's Awards allow us to recognise their vision and leadership. Find out more.

David Gottfried Global Green Building Entrepreneurship Award

The World Green Building Council’s David Gottfried Global Green Building Entrepreneurship Award recognises those involved in the worldwide sustainable construction movement whose contributions have been particularly pioneering, displaying an entrepreneurism that has helped to transform or advance the green building mission. Find out more.

WorldGBC GBC Awards

Our GBC Awards recognise the valuable contribution of our colleagues to the green building movement both locally in their own countries and worldwide.

In 2013, awards were given to Ondrej Sramek (Czech Republic), Boris Zupančič (Czech Republic), and Stefan van Uffelen (Netherlands).

In 2012, we recognised the efforts of Duygu Erten (Turkey), Mirna Terenziani (Italy), Sadek Owainati (United Arab Emirates), Rachel Gutter (USA), and Nicola Milne (South Africa).

In 2011, the work of Che Wall (Australia), Dan Slone (USA), Brian Denney (TRCA, Canada), Huston Eubank (USA), Kath Williams (USA), Nellie Cheng (USA), the Province of Ontario (Canada), Cesar Trevino (Mexico), Chilin Cheng (Chinese Taipei) and Parasu Raman (India) was saluted.