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October 2015

This month: We're counting down to Congress and the announcement of the European Leadership Awards as well as COP21 Buildings Day in December, welcoming new staff members to the team, looking back on USGBC's inspiring Green Apple Day of Service, introducing the Buildings Efficiency Accelerator and looking forward to more events as part of the Asia Pacific Regional Awards roadshow. Read the Global Update.

September 2015

This month: There are an exciting few months ahead, with global campaigns, global gatherings, and pivotal world events coming up. This month’s Global Update has the low-down on member events at Congress, worldwide activities for World Green Building Week, exciting plans for COP21, and details on how you can participate in webinars and roadshows around the world. Read the Global Update.

August 2015

This month: We tell you how you can be part of the GBC network action with our annual Congress and our global campaigns and activities that help to advance your council and share your successes locally and internationally. We also highlight the great work being done by our Established GBCs, tell you how to access resources for your council, and bring you details of upcoming events on the green building calendar. Read the Global Update.

July 2015

This month: The WorldGBC team is excited to provide GBCs around the world with a number of campaigns, tools and connections you can use in your countries to drive impact and provide value to your members. We also announce the new Board directors who’ll be representing you as we work to further our collective mission, plus we’re bringing you details of upcoming events, including our very own Congress. Read the Global Update.

May 2015

This month: register for WorldGBC Congress 2015 Hong Kong; help us to collect green building case studies; get the word out about our Global Green Building Trends survey; nominate a green building champion for the Europe Regional Leadership Awards; and check out India's amazing green building milestone. Read the Global Update.

April 2015

This month: Meet WorldGBC's new CEO; get the low-down on sustainable communities with our free online speaker's event; celebrate the launch of our Build Upon project; nominate a green building champion for the Europe Region Leadership Awards; grab your place on our Vancouver study tour and get an inside look at one of the world's most sustainable cities; see how your feedback is making Congress 2015 inspiring and relevant; and make sure you get our Healthy Offices app for green building data at your fingertips! Read the Global Update.

March 2015

This month: Jane Henley talks results after five years of collaboration; get our new Healthy Offices app available for iPad and Android devices; join our SCI Speaker Series online event on sustainable communities; check out the programme for WorldGBC Congress 2015 Hong Kong; join us for our Green City Study Tour in Vancouver; make a nomination for the WorldGBC Board of Directors; and see who's been named one of the world's 50 most talented green leaders! Read the Global Update.

February 2015

This month: Vancouver's Deputy Mayor talks green building policy in our free online event; nominate new Directors for the WorldGBC Board; join the WorldGBC/SCI Study Tour in Vancouver; stay tuned for more info on our upcoming Congress; check out our new Europe Regional Network video resources; enter your project for the 2015 EcoDistricts Incubator; and read the 2014 ERN Impact Report. Read the Global Update.

January 2015

This month: join the SCI Green City Study Tour, hear from green Vancouver's Deputy Mayor in our online SCI Speaker Series, note the new dates for WorldGBC Congress 2015 Hong Kong, be part of the first East Africa Green Building Conference and Africa Regional Network meeting, join the Asia Pacific Regional Network meeting in Tokyo, check out the innovative Path to Zero entry from our recent contest with the MIT Climate Co-Lab, and see what events are coming up on the green building calendar. Read the Global Update.

December 2014

This month: save the dates for WorldGBC Congress 2015 Hong Kong, join the SCI Green City Study Tour, help us find the new WorldGBC CEO, celebrate being champions of the earth, get the latest from the successful WSB14 conference, read about buildings as human resource tools, and see what events are coming up on the green building calendar. Read the Global Update.

November 2014

This month: join our online Sustainable Cities Initiative Speaker Series; watch an inspirational TED Talk on innovative, community-focussed design; download our EU policy Stakeholder Views resources; submit a proposal for the Resilient Cities congress; read our announcement of the resignation of our CEO; learn about the merger of GRESB and GBCI; and register for the Sustainable Innovation Forum alongside COP20. Read the Global Update.

October 2014

This month: download our new "Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices" report; celebrate the success of our biggest World Green Building Week yet; check out the WorldGBC sessions on offer at World Sustainable Building 2014 in Barcelona; learn about IFC's newly released EDGE green building software; meet the Indian GBC in our GBC Spotlight; be inspired at Greenbuild; register for the Sustainable Innovation Forum at COP20; and find out about upcoming events around the green building world. Read the Global Update.

September 2014

This month: World Green Building Week is almost here; meet the winners of the Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards; download the Sustainable Cities Initiative's City Market Briefs; nominate for the Greenest School on Earth; be inspired at Greenbuild; register for the Sustainable Innovation Forum at COP20; and see upcoming events from around the green building world. Read the Global Update.

August 2014

This month: Download the WorldGBC 2013-2014 Impact Report, 'Get Up, Green Up' and submit your World Green Building Week Events, get an update on the recent WorldGBC Congress in Brazil, attend IGBC 2014 and Singapore Green Building Week, and see upcoming events from around the green building world. Read the Global Update.

July 2014

This month: Register by 20 July for Congress to take advantage of earlybird discounts on our feature-packed event; Get Up, Green Up and plan your World Green Building Week activities; enter your ideas on how we can increase our impact for our MIT Climate Colab contest; download the new McGraw-Hill Construction report, "The Drive Toward Healthier Buildings"; and check out the great activities planned for Singapore Green Building Week. Read the Global Update.

June 2014

This month: Register now for Congress 2014 and our special additional activities; help us build awareness and demand for green buildings and you could win cash; nominate a local sustainability star for the Asia Pacific Leadership Awards in Green Building; have your say on our draft "QA for Rating Tools" guide; and watch our webinar from our Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Office Buildings project. Read the Global Update.

May 2014

This month: Get Up, Green Up this World Green Building Week, check out our just-released program for WorldGBC Congress in Brazil, get your nominations in for the Asia Pacific Leadership Awards, join us at the virtual trade fair and conference, get your members involved in our crowd sourcing contest with MIT to increase our impact, and join urban leaders addressing sustainable city challenges at World Cities Summit 2014. Read the Global Update.

April 2014

This month: learn and be inspired at Congress 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil; sign up to be part of our Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Buildings project with our consultation webinars; check out the Europe Regional Network webinar debates at the Construction21EXPO online conference; enter our new MIT Climate CoLab contest to raise awareness of green buildings; and learn about your opportunity to become an affiliate for the upcoming Explosion Green Live online conference. Read the Global Update.

March 2014

This month: learn about our exciting new project on health and productivity benefits of green buildings and how you can get involved, check out our new collaborative policy making resource, nominate a sustainable organisation or innovative green building project in the Asia Pacific Regional Network Leadership Awards in Green Building, find out how the WSB14 Conference is answering the building sector's challenges, take advantage of early bird registration for the World Cities Summit, and get your invitation to our VIP welcome reception at the International Conference on Green and Energy-Efficient Building in Beijing.  It's a busy and exciting month! Read the Global Update.

February 2014

This month: take part in our online, GBC-only workshops to demystify social media, save the dates for Congress 2014, learn about the new Asia Pacific Regional Network Leadership in Green Building awards, and join IFC for a webinar to learn more about their EDGE Green Buildings Market Transformation Program. Read the Global Update.

December 2013

This month: learn how GBCs are creating a collective plan for the future; watch all of the sessions from our recent Congress online; get involved with our health and productivity work related to the business case for green building; join us for training in making the most of social media for your GBC; meet the winners of our Government Leadership Awards; and learn about the newly launched Global Coalition for Green Schools. Read the Global Update.

November 2013

This month: read all about the WorldGBC's activities and benefit from the resources we produce in our newly released Annual Report; download the presentations from our recent Congress in Cape Town, check out the photos, and give us your feedback; learn how your GBC can be the host of Congress in 2015 or 2016; download the pilot Socio Economic Framework for Rating Tools; and take the opportunity to showcase your GBC's activities on our website. Read the Global Update.

October 2013

This month: download the latest programme for Congress in Cape Town, check out our New Era in Building Partnerships report, get our Business Case for Green Building report in Chinese or Spanish, see how we celebrated World Green Building Week, submit a paper for SB14, and take advantage of a special offer on EcoDistricts Summit registration. Don't forget to save the date for our VIP Reception at Greenbuild, and read our latest People Profiles! Read the Global Update.

September 2013

This month: we show you how to get involved in World Green Building Week, introduce our Congress Members' Day programme, take part in the Green Apple Day of Service, consider some new thinking about non-profit funding, and turn the spotlight on a great World Green Building Week idea that your GBC can use. Read the Global Update.

August 2013

This month: access valuable resources in our new Members' Library, connect with and learn from your GBC fellows at Congress, tell us all about your World Green Building Week events, join the Coalition for Green Schools, be part of our planning for COP-19, explore international opportunities at Greenbuild, and check out the EcoDistricts Summit! Read the Global Update.

July 2013

This month: learn about the speakers at this year's WorldGBC Congress, help communicate our global impact by taking the 2013 Members' Survey, nominate a global green building entrepreneur for the David Gottfried Award, meet our new Board members, and nominate a city for our Government Leadership Awards. Read the Global Update.

June 2013

This month: Nominate a city for our Government Leadership Awards, focus on GBC staff development at our upcoming Congress, explore the concept of the Circular Economy, learn about the first ever European Network leadership awards, and access our latest useful resources for GBCs. Read the Global Update.

May 2013

This month: Business Case for Green Building speakers available for your event, WGBWeek theme announced, our new Green Schools Global Snapshot, more about our upcoming Congress in South Africa, and a brand new video about our movement. Read the Global Update.

April 2013

This month: An update from our CEO, Jane Henley - inspiring breakthroughs, our path ahead, and a video message on the global green building movement.  Read the Global Update.

March 2013

This month: The Business Case for Green Building report, WorldGBC Congress 2013 in South Africa, the Greenest School on Earth Competition, and how to nominate someone for the WorldGBC Board of Directors. Read the Global Update.

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