Having a strong, well connected community of GBCs is a fundamental part that defines the network. It allows us to advance a common agenda and become more than just the sum of our individual parts.

Building this strong GBC community means:

  1. Strengthening the GBC brand in the region
  2. Growing GBC engagement in network activities
  3. Supporting the growth of new GBCs and those in more challenged economic regions
  4. Staying connected into global level WorldGBC initiatives and projects

Our Network is actively building a stronger GBC community through our activities. Follow the links on the left to see how you can get involved!

Paul King

Secretary, United Kingdom

Paul is Chief Executive of the UK Green Building Council. He joined the UK-GBC from WWF-UK, where he was Campaign Director for WWF's One Million Sustainable Homes campaign and co-founder of One Planet Living.

Paul is a member of the Igloo Regeneration Scrutiny Committee, serves on the Sustainability Board of BRE, and is also a member of the Zero Carbon Homes 2016 Task Force and the Sustainability of New Non-Domestic Buildings Steering Group convened by the Department for Communities Local Government in 2007.

He lives with his partner and two young sons in a green home in Shropshire. He has been on the WorldGBC Board of Directors since September 2007. 



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ERN Twitter

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