What it means to be a WorldGBC Member

WorldGBC is a member network of Green Building Councils enabling green building and sustainable communities through market transformation and leadership.

The Green Building Councils and their members are the power behind the green building movement, which now for over a decade, has been working across the building and construction value chain to create a more sustainable built environment, enabling us to live within the limits the planet can support.

WorldGBC works closely with its members to ensures that every member Green Building Council is operating at the standard and quality needed to maintain a powerful and highly regarded movement. It brings together GBCs in networking and collaborative projects to support their development individually and to ensure that we as GBCs are greater than the sum of our parts. WorldGBC also increasingly plays an important role in globally influencing recognition and support for our movement, which in turn strengthens each GBC’s influence in their own markets.

WorldGBC Membership Levels

WorldGBC recognizes its members based on quality assurance standards related to meeting different development milestones outlined in the GBC Development Roadmap (please contact Dominika Czerwinska dczerwinska@worldgbc.com if you are interested in developing a GBC).

WorldGBC’s Membership Committee reviews the quality of members and recommends to the Board how each member should be recognized.

WorldGBC recognizes three levels of membership

Prospective Member: This status is for GBCs at the earliest stages of development. Prospective members have brought together a diverse founding group and have put in place a comprehensive strategy for how they will adapt the GBC model in their country. Prospective members are expected to progress to Emerging status within 24 months.

Emerging Member: This status is for GBCs that have successfully implemented their strategy by developing the foundation for their organization. They are legally registered, open to membership, have an elected Board for strategic decision-making and hired staff managing day-to-day operations. Emerging members are expected to progress to Established status within 24 months.

Established Member: This status is for GBCs that are fully operational, running impactful programs and have shown stability and national positioning. They are seen as the go to organization regarding green building in their country.

Member Benefits

WorldGBC is a membership organisation, and therefore, it must focus on providing benefits to its members. In order for the movement to succeed, the WorldGBC must support each GBC in its efforts in their individual countries, and to do so, it must focus on providing tangible benefits which will enable each GBC to grow in strength and impact.

Furthermore, to strengthen the movement, WorldGBC must ensure that each GBC is progressing in its own operations and effectiveness, and striving towards operating at the highest levels of quality standards expected of a GBC.

As a result, WorldGBC’s member benefits strive to reward member who have successfully developed their organization and are driving transformation in their market.


Member Status






Listing on WorldGBC Members Page


WorldGBC member logo on your website/marketing


Opportunity to be featured in WorldGBC People Profiles

World Green Building Week Campaign (receive materials and additional visibility when hosting local events)

Press releases on WorldGBC website


Featured in WorldGBC regional Impact Report



Logo on Regional Network website / communications


Promoting GBC events via WorldGBC marketing and communication channels


Opportunity to have WorldGBC staff/BOD speak at GBC event


Opportunity to have WorldGBC CAB or Regional Partners speak at GBC event



Featured in WorldGBC global Impact Report



Dedicated online profile featuring key activities



Customized communications pieces by WorldGBC for your publications/website



Logo on WorldGBC website / communications






Participating in Member's Day at Congress

Priority opportunity to participate in a global or regional WorldGBC project working group/taskforce (subject to project objectives)

Submit nominations for WorldGBC awards programme

Opportunity to engage with Corporate Advisory Board


Regional Network Steering Committee Membership


Hosting WorldGBC Congress



WorldGBC Board Membership



Participate in Leaders Retreat at WorldGBC Congress



Priority opportunity to chair a global or regional WorldGBC project working group/taskforce (subject to project objectives)



Priority opportunity to have WorldGBC partner with your event (eg. co-host a UNFCCC COP event, WSB Conference etc)



Opportunity to chair Regional Network (associated with speaking engagements and added visibility)





Tools & Resources

Restricted access to WorldGBC online resources (guides, recorded webinars and videos, sample GBC documents, )

Opportunity to be featured in and have access to the annual data of the Dodge Data Report and Market Analysis

GBC development support (documents, webinars, videos)

Programme, Project and Partnership Support

Priority treatment to apply for joint project funding bids led by WorldGBC (i.e. EU, GIZ, World Bank etc) subject to project objectives



Participation in Established GBC CEO Network



Priority opportunity to participate in exclusive programmes developed by WorldGBC, subject to project objectives



Priority opportunity to benefit from exclusive partnerships brokered by WorldGBC, in which GBCs get 'first right of refusal'




REGIONAL NETWORK BENEFITS *conditional on network having a Network Manager

Limited direct support on developing /advancing your GBC

Subsidy to travel to Regional Network Meetings (conditional on regional funding)

Hosting a Regional Network Meeting


  √ * √ 

Policy programme support (exclusive group networking, collaboration and support in holding local dedicated member workshops on various advocacy topics ,support in liaising with government officials)


Help identifying and securing international key note speakers for your events


Potential help in identifying and securing sponsors for your events


* determined by each Network individually

Member Dues

GBCs come in many different sizes, usually reflecting the size and strength of their economy. To recognize this, WorldGBC membership dues are tiered according to a GBC’s revenues as follows (in USD):


Revenue Range


% or Revenue

Level 1

0 - 50,000


- 3.00%

Level 2

50,000 - 100,000


6.00% - 3.00%

Level 3

100,000 - 150,000


6.00% - 4.00%

Level 4

150,000 - 250,000


6.00% - 3.60%

Level 5

250,000 - 500,000


6.00% - 3.00%

Level 6

500,000 - 1,000,000


4.00% - 2.00%

Level 7

1,000,000 - 10,000,000


2.50% - 0.25%

Level 8

10,000,000 - 25,000,000


0.35% - 0.14%

Level 9

25,000,000 - higher


0.20% -














Dues payment timeline:

September 23rd: Member GBCs are informed about next year’s dues structure.

September 24/25th: Each GBC receives a request to provide their annual turn over for 2014, verify their contact information for invoicing purposes and submit audited financials where these exist. The total turnover is used to determine the dues level of the GBC for 2016.

October 9th: The above information is due to WorldGBC.

December 14th: GBCs receive an invoice for their 2016 dues post-dated January 1st with payment due by January 31st.

January 31st: Member dues payment is due.

February 1st: Invoices are considered overdue on the next working day following the due date.

Membership will be put up for termination if dues are not paid within a 90-day period (by 31th April) following the invoice deadline.

May 1st: If membership dues are more than 90 days overdue, WGBC will start the process to terminate membership, communicating to the Board of Directors the overdue payment. The Board may choose to terminate the GBC’s membership.  The membership termination processes are outlined in WorldGBC’s membership dues policy.

Note: payment of member dues is a requirement to maintaining membership with WorldGBC. Delays is payment mean a risk of loss of membership.

If you have any questions please contact our Director of Membership and Regional Networks, Dominika Czerwinska dczerwinska@worldgbc.org