New Zealand Green Building Council raises performance of new homes, with support from Prime Minister

Wednesday 09th August 2017


The New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) has launched a new version of its Homestar rating tool for new residential buildings, with the support of the country’s Prime Minister Bill English.  

The new standard, Homestar v4, follows extensive industry consultation and has been re-engineered to align with the needs of those building apartments or homes at volume in New Zealand.

In a recorded video message, Bill English, Prime Minister of New Zealand, said: “I want to congratulate the New Zealand Green Building Council on the work you’re doing to improve the standard of our houses and buildings. It’s great to be effectively working in partnership with the industry and the contribution from NZGBC, on bringing higher standards to New Zealand’s construction industry.”

Homestar v4 will have economic and environmental benefits for households. Over the course of five years, a 6 Homestar rated household will save $5,000 (NZD) and reduce carbon emissions by 1,900kg; an 8-star will save $10,000 (NZS), and cut carbon emissions by 6,000kg. The tool will also focus on the health and wellbeing of people living in homes.

Andrew Eagles, Chief Executive of NZGBC, said: “There has been a significant increase over the last two years in new homes registering under the Homestar rating tool, we now have 10 000 confirmed and counting. To keep up with this demand, we’ve made version 4 more economical to drive momentum with a concrete, streamlined methodology which helps accelerate the delivery of quality housing stock. The revised tool provides a clear framework for constructing a quality home that contributes positively to the health and wellbeing of its occupants.”

To find out more about Homestar v4, click here.