Share World Green Building Week

Sample posts for each image (available to download here):

Here’s a hero we can all look up to image: Aiming high on net zero by going carbon neutral - now that's what we call heroic. #OurHeroIsZero #WGBW2017

The cape-less crusader image: You don’t have to look like a hero to be one. For #WGBW2017 let's stand with net zero buildings. #OurHeroIsZero

This building has a secret. It’s a climate hero, image: Buildings that use clean energy can help us save the planet #OurHeroIsZero Learn. Share. Lead. #WGBW2017

Don’t mind me, I’m just saving the world, image: Net zero buildings are the unexpected heroes. For #WGBW2017 Fight climate change & stand with #OurHeroIsZero

With the right players on our side, we can win the fight against climate change, image: With net zero buildings on our team, we can win the fight. #OurHeroIsZero Learn. Share. Lead. #WGBW2017