The World Green Building Council is a global network of Green Building Councils which is transforming the places we live, work, play, heal and learn.

We believe green buildings can and must be at the centre of our lives. Our changing climate means we must reshape the way we grow and build, enabling people to thrive both today and tomorrow.

We take action - championing local and global leadership, and empowering our community to drive change. Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts, and commit to green buildings for everyone, everywhere.

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Why do we exist? What's our mission and our goals? And how are we going to achieve them?

Our Corporate Advisory is a select group of companies which serves to guide WorldGBC on its strategy and activities.

The origins of the green building movement go back to the 1990s, with the official formation of WorldGBC in 2002.

Our dedicated and experienced team of staff work across a variety of areas to deliver our mission.

Our Board advises and oversees WorldGBC’s organisational strategy and governance.

CEOs from our Established Green Building Councils meet virtually and in person to discuss a wide range of topics.

Our Board members, staff and partners are uniquely placed to provide global, in-depth perspectives and deliver speeches. 

Are you passionate about green building and its power to fight climate change? Join us!

Find out about the achievements of WorldGBC and its global network of Green Building Councils in our Annual Reports.