Juanita Alvarez

Head of Engagement & Networks


Juanita Alvarez is the Head of Engagement & Networks at the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC).

She focuses on fostering collaboration between Green Building Councils (GBCs) at a global, regional, and local scale, promoting active engagement towards climate action and green buildings within a holistic context towards sustainability. Juanita also focuses on advocating and managing the share of best practices amongst GBCs, and delivering impact through WorldGBC's global programmes and regional projects; particularly, promoting the policy and advocacy work of cities in Latin America, helping to develop roadmaps towards net-zero carbon buildings, and the achievement of the NDCs and Paris Agreement goals.

She holds a Masters degree from New York University, and has a background in corporate communications and public relations, specialising in companies within the real estate industry for more than ten years. Previously, she worked as the Regional Head for the Americas Regional Network at WorldGBC.

Juanita is based in Bogotá, Colombia.