Carolina Montano Owen

Project and Grants Officer, European Regional Network


Carolina Montano Owen is the Projects and Grants Officer of the European Regional Network, supporting the work and collaboration of the European Green Building Councils and partners as well as supporting the development of the EU’s Green Taxonomy.

She completed a Doctorate in Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, researching solutions for improving school buildings in Germany. She has a background in Civil Engineering and graduated with distinction from the Master of Science Low Carbon Building Design and Modelling in the United Kingdom. She received the award of Outstanding Work from the Energy Institute of the United Kingdom, was a top 10 runner-up for the CIBSE – ASHRAE Graduate of the Year in 2013, and was a representative at the Global Young Scientists Summit in Singapore in 2018. 

Carolina has worked in Germany, the United Kingdom, Colombia and Singapore, in roles such as the Technical Manager of the Colombia Green Building Council, where she led the research and development of green building guidelines, policies and certification schemes, and as a Project Engineer at the Energy and Environmental Team of Tesco PLC.