Joy Esther Gai Jiazi

Asia Pacific Programmes Head


Joy is the Programmes Head for our Asia Pacific Region, focusing on delivering programmes that engage GBCs and deliver impact across WorldGBC's three impact areas. Joy works as part of the WorldGBC Engagement & Networks department, and closely with our Green Building Councils (GBCs) and partners across Asia Pacific.

Joy is a passionate sustainability teacher, coach and advocate. She brings to the role technical expertise as a principal engineer and project leader delivering many first-of-its-kind sustainability projects, including net zero energy buildings and eco cities. She is a Professional Certified Life Coach practicing positive psychology with the belief that sustainability starts from a sustainable mindset and is sustained with compassion and commitment to drive and empower positive change.

Joy works part time with WorldGBC while also leading the Joy of Sustainability LLP — a platform advocating sustainability, offering coaching services to close the gap between sustainability design, delivery and user engagement, helping clients to gain clarity and identify their true sustainability goals.

Joy holds a Master in Building Science Degree from the National University of Singapore.

Joy is based in Singapore.