Advancing Net Zero is WorldGBC’s global project which aims to promote and support the acceleration of net zero carbon buildings to 100% by 2050.


WorldGBC - Advancing Net Zero's Theory of Change

The Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment

The Commitment calls upon business, organisations, cities, states and regions to take urgent, courageous and immediate climate action towards decarbonising the built environment. Read more >

What is Net Zero?

Find out what we mean by net zero buildings, and how our Green Building Councils are working towards it!

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Advancing Net Zero Status Report 2019

The Advancing Net Zero Status Report 2019 highlights global leadership action helping to shift the market towards net zero carbon operational emissions in buildings.

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Embodied carbon call to action report

Bringing Embodied Carbon Upfront: Coordinated action for the building and construction sector to tackle embodied carbon

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Infographic: The Pathways to Net Zero Carbon Buildings

Find out the pathways to advancing net zero carbon buildings, as well as the key milestone dates of WorldGBC's Advancing Net Zero project, and the four key project principles. 

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WorldGBC snapshots detail net zero carbon standards developed by Green Building Councils

Download snapshots detailing the key information about the six net zero carbon standards released so far by Green Building Councils participating in the global Advancing Net Zero project

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From Thousands to Billions - Coordinated Action towards 100% Net Zero Carbon Buildings By 2050

Through its report From Thousands to Billions, WorldGBC calls for a dramatic and ambitious transformation towards a completely zero carbon built environment by 2050. 

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Participating Green Building Councils

Find out which Green Building Councils are involved in Advancing Net Zero 

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Experts from our community blog on the wide ranging benefits of net zero buildings

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Leadership Series

Hear from industry leaders setting targets and taking action towards net zero buildings.

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Case Studies

Read about examples of net zero buildings from across the world, that are almost entirely fossil-fuel free.

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Project Partners

Discover who we are working with to advance a global zero carbon built environment Read more >
Project Grant Providers