Case Studies

As the market responds to the rationale and wider opportunities that lie with pursuing net zero carbon buildings, projects are pushing the boundaries of available technology and design approaches to provide inspirational and transferable models for success.

Barangaroo - Sydney, Australia

Developed by Advancing Net Zero project sponsor Lendlease, Barangaroo is a truly pioneering high-density mixed-use development. Part of the C40 Climate Positive Development Program, it aims to be carbon neutral, water positive, create zero waste emissions and contribute to community well-being. This has required innovative strategies to secure long-term performance, and extensive collaboration with all stakeholders.

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Carbon Neutral Lab, Nottingham, UK

The University of Nottingham has completed the first carbon lifecycle neutral laboratory to be built in the UK. Built from natural materials to the highest energy efficient standards, the remaining energy requirements are met by on-site renewable sources such as solar power and sustainable biomass. Excess energy generated on-site will pay-back the embodied carbon associated with its construction within 25 years.

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Energiesprong, Netherlands

Originating in the Netherlands, Energiesprong is an innovative financing model for whole-house social housing retrofit to zero energy standards, providing desirable, comfortable and affordable homes. An insurer backed energy performance guarantee by the contractor, with investment financed by the resulting guaranteed energy cost savings, ensures greater quality of life and achieves reduced emissions at scale.

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Kaupuni Village, Hawaii, US

The first net-zero energy affordable housing community in Hawaii, Kaupuni village sought to create a sustainable community. Created in close collaboration with various stakeholders, the buildings optimise passive design and reduce energy demand by 40 per cent, with remaining energy supplied by on-site solar panels. Additionally, the development promotes healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

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