Better Places for People Sponsors

Better Places for People is supported by leading companies and organisations that are at the forefront of research and action in the field, ensuring that wellbeing is central to the design and operation of buildings. 

Would you like to join the current list of sponsors on our Advisory Group for Better Places for People? We have two types of sponsorship available:

Global Sponsors - Our highest level of sponsorship, these organisations help to guide the direction of the whole Better Places for People project with our Green Building Councils: they are represented on collateral and public-facing work of the project and are given the opportunity to speak, present and interact with over 70 Green Building Councils worldwide. They represent, with WorldGBC and our Councils, the leaders on health and wellbeing on the world stage. 

Activity Sponsors – The organisations lead the direction of specific activities within the overall project. The benefits of this level of sponsorship are specific to the activity, but do provide an opportunity to work very directly on one piece of work.

There are limited numbers of each sponsorship available. Please contact Catriona Brady ( for further information.