Case Study - 1 New Street Square

Building Details

Building Name 1 New Street Square
Construction / refurbishment dateSun, 01/07/2018
Building Size29882
Building Type
Residential (single)
Residential (multi-unit)
Address 1 New Street Square

United Kingdom
Region Europe

Performance Details

Health and Wellbeing

Buildings or projects that display best practice approaches that enhance the health and wellbeing of their occupants, and as such have been verified and certified as "healthy" projects.

Qualification criteria:WELL Building Standard
Qualification level achieved, if applicable:WELL Gold
Other certification scheme and level achieved, if applicable:BREEAM Outstanding
Verification year:2018

Submitter's Details

Organisation Deloitte LLP

Additional Details

Our success was built on early engagement. From the off, our leadership understood the business benefits of occupying a healthy, efficient and sustainable workplace. We fed our vision into due diligence, identifying 1 New Street Square as the building with the most potential to deliver on our sustainability aspirations and create our ‘campus of the future’. We engaged the developer to effect base-build modifications – important as they only achieved BREEAM Excellent and had not considered any wellbeing principles of note; appointed a design team highly motivated to challenge the norms; and undertook extensive stakeholder consultation with our colleagues.

Innovative environmental measures included:

  • Using performance-based design to prioritise energy efficiency and comfort, from creating an operational energy model to inform energy-efficient design and procurement; to building thermal, acoustic, daylight and circadian lighting models to optimise the working environment
  • Installing 620 sensors to monitor environmental conditions from air quality to temperature. These link back to our Intelligent Building network and enable HVAC settings to be dynamically adjusted, maintaining an optimal balance between energy efficiency and comfort performance
  • Using the Intelligent Building Management System to drive a more proactive approach to operational maintenance, improving efficiency of process and eliminating unnecessary works
  • Minimising construction waste, from designing for flexibility by establishing pre-engineered zones of MEP/IT/AV services around partitions that could be readily dismantled; to using prefabricated elements to limit off-cuts

This focus on environmental design also inspired us to drive associated operational sustainability initiatives from ensuring all redundant office furniture from our vacated offices was donated or recycled; to distributing KeepCups and water bottles to every colleague to help minimise plastic pollution.

This was all excellent, however we knew a sustainable workplace needed to place equal importance on the users. It was by delivering a wellbeing agenda alongside our environmental agenda that this project became truly pioneering. Notable features included:

  • Enhancing air quality by designing out sources of air pollution. We asked over 200 material, furniture and cleaning suppliers to assess their products against stringent air quality and environmental criteria before they would be considered; and worked with our Facilities provider to ensure their cleaning and maintenance regimes used low-toxicity products
  • Improving mindfulness through biophilic design by installing 6,300 plants in 700 displays, 140m2 of green walls, significant use of timber and stone and providing access to nature through our 12th floor terrace
  • Promoting activeness by undertaking structural alterations to the base-build to create 13 attractive, internal accommodation stairways; procuring 600 sit/stand desks; and creating a new 365-bay cycle facility and 1,100m2 gym on campus
  • Encouraging nutrition and hydration by working with partners to provide healthier foods in our restaurant (serving ~75,000 meals/year); subsidised fruit; and taps that provide chilled, filtered water in vending areas.


You can find out more about the BREEAM Certification here.

"Our leadership understood the business benefits of occupying a healthy, efficient and sustainable workplace."