Case Study - Residência Loft

Building Details

Building Name Residência Loft
Construction / refurbishment date1 March 2018
Building Size900 sq ft
Building Type
Residential (single)
Residential (multi-unit)
Address Al. Formosa, 32 - Tamboré 3, Alphaville
Santana de Parnaíba
Region Central/South America

Performance Details

Net Zero Operational Carbon

Buildings or developments that display best practice outcomes in energy efficiency, are powered by renewable energy, and as such have been verified and certified as "net zero energy and/or carbon" projects.

Qualification criteria:Brasil GBC Zero Energy Standard
Energy Use Intensity (EUI):0,94
Onsite Renewable Production Intensity (RPI):31,29
Verification year:2019

Submitter's Details

Organisation Constrult

Additional Details

This is the first residential project certified by GBC ZERO ENERGY in Brazil. Actually, it is not zero, but energy positive in terms of renewable energy production on site. The Home produces 28.160 KWh per year, more than double its needs. The photovoltaic plant was assembled in its metal roof and has 100 modules. Energy efficiency practices is also part of the project. The water from swimming pool and showers are heated by solar plaques modules, the design project maximized the natural lighting and all equipment such as air conditioning and freezer have ranked “A” according to the Brazilian energy efficiency labelling program. The Brazilian Federal Regulation about the micro and mini distributed energy system incentives consumers to produce their own renewable energy on site and oblige the energy utilities companies to connect it directly to the grid. The energy consumption continues coming from the grid, but it is compensated with the amount of renewable energy generated by the building. In case of additional amount of energy produced, the building owner can compensate it in another property that may own, which the location is attended by the same energy utility company.

"This is the first residential project certified by GBC ZERO ENERGY in Brazil."