Lamington Group

Developer and Operator

146 Buildings

13,684 Total Area (m2)

3886 tCO2e Current Annual Portfolio Carbon Emissions

55 Employees

Lamington Group is a family owned real estate group founded in 1967 specialising in development and operation of accommodation. A shift happened in 2019 to focus on carbon reduction after Managing Director, Robert Godwin, had an epiphany after seeing the impacts of climate change in South Africa. Sustainability is now integral to the culture and decision making with all employees engaged in the internal sustainability campaign. The company's vision is to create places that support people and the planet to thrive.



Lamington Group has committed to be net zero by 2030 with all new developments that will be built to whole life net zero standards - both operational and embodied carbon. The commitments detailed in their roadmap are: 1. Develop & operate net zero whole life carbon hotels; 2. Reduce and offset Scope 1 & 2 emissions by 2030 with the aid of established science-based targets, equivalent to reducing by 46% from our baseline in 2019; 3. Track & minimise Scope 3 emissions.



Lamington Group will assess and publicly disclose scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, energy consumption and energy use intensity, renewable energy contribution and contribution of offsets annually. Alongside embodied carbon assessments that will be carried out using verified methodology e.g. RICS methodology and offsets used for embodied carbon. They will do this in an easy to understand format for public and internal use. They will also continually improve methodologies and aim to move away from using spend based approaches by capturing more accurate data.



Continue implementation of decarbonisation roadmap to maximise reduction of operational and embodied emissions as part of a whole life carbon approach. All new developments will be highly efficient and include energy efficiency measures (such as air source/ ground source heat pumps, low water heat systems) with a target of upfront embodied carbon being: 500kgCO2e/m2. Existing Buildings will be retrofitted with a target of 8 serviced apartments a year from 2023 to make them as energy efficient as possible using best practice, maximising embodied carbon reductions. Lamington will account for and compensate for any residual operational or upfront embodied carbon using certified offsets that prioritise carbon removal e.g. afforestation and getting assessments verified by a 3rd party.



Verify, assure and report annual emissions in assets and portfolio via an independent third party and provide this data to WorldGBC. Verify and report life cycle assessment embodied carbon emissions data via a third party and produce data to show impact with a target of upfront embodied carbon being: 500kgCO2e/m2. As well as raise awareness about the need for greater accessibility to low carbon solutions for the sector.



Lamington Group will demonstrate leadership through their commitment to only develop and operate to zero whole life carbon. They will also advocate change through their supply chain by asking suppliers for their emissions data and giving guidance for suppliers to start their journey to net zero and talking and sharing expertise with others in the sector and beyond. They will capture these actions that go beyond the requirements of the Commitment, including tackling scope 3 emissions, and share them.

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