Architectural and Design Practice

Member of CaGBC, USGBC

6 assets

13,577 m2 total floor area

185 tCO2e portfolio carbon emissions

16.5 Average kgCO2e/m2 Whole Life Carbon Footprint 

400 employees

Lemay is an integrated design firm based in Montreal, Canada. Embedded in its sustainability policy, NET POSITIVE is Lemay’s award-winning framework for maximising sustainable strategies, focusing on three pillars: health, environment and carbon emissions reduction. Their mission: creating better living environments for communities and future generations. 




Commit to maintain carbon neutrality of offices, attained in 2020. Maximise embodied carbon emission reductions and compensate for  any residual upfront embodied carbon emissions by 2030 as appropriate.



Track energy consumption and GHG emissions of all assets and publicly disclose the results through Lemay’s annual NET POSITIVETM report. Disclose energy consumption, energy efficiency measures and whole life carbon emissions reduction following the WorldGBC’s Detailed Guidance.



Update the transition plan to keep implementing carbon emissions reduction strategies, which include energy consumption monitoring to reduce energy use intensity, phasing out inefficient equipment to reduce energy demand, using green building certifications, and procuring renewable energy on-site and off-site. Maximise embodied carbon reductions, where applicable, compensating for any residual upfront emissions by 2030.



Use relevant third-party verification schemes such as LEED and Zero Carbon Building Standard. Use Energy Star Portfolio Manager for benchmark and report to the AIA 2030 Commitment. Publicly report progress annually against targets in Lemay’s NET POSITIVE report (sustainability report).



Continue advocating with partners, clients and all stakeholders to maximise carbon emission reductions across the whole lifecycle of projects. Update Lemay’s green procurement policy to further measure and reduce scope 3 emissions from transportation and office supplies. Continue participating in public events with environmental organisations and leading the way with Lemay’s NET POSITIVE day.

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