Türkiye Green Building Council



Türkiye Green Building Council (ÇEDBİK) believes a healthier living environment can be achieved through buildings and settlements built using a holistic approach and ecological sensitivity, furthering the cause of highly efficient, healthy and comfortable buildings. The Council is organising training to raise public awareness and encourage the construction industry to build in light of these principles. In cooperation with WorldGBC and other fellow Green Building Councils, the Council is taking part in international and national projects, and developing and spreading working models with relevant aspects of this subject.

Systems that assess buildings and settlements according to environmental impacts are an effective tool in the targeted green conversion process. Following national and international developments in this area, the Türkiye Green Building Council has begun work to establish an Assessment System in accordance with the national conditions and to fill a major gap in Turkey.



Built environment stakeholders recommend integration of whole life carbon criteria into European policy

Tue, 8th Oct 2019

Today a coalition of over 30 organisations working in the buildings and construction sector have signed an open letter to the European Commission outlining their view on the transformative potential that the Level(s) framework can play in mainstreaming sustainable buildings and deliver on key European environmental, economic and social goals.

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WorldGBC Europe publishes advocacy manifesto urging decision makers to recognise vital role of built environment sector in delivering a climate neutral Europe

Thu, 27th Jun 2019

Over 20 countries from WorldGBC's Europe Regional Network have published a manifesto, A Sustainable Built Environment at the Heart of Europe’s Future urging decision makers to recognise the vital role that the built environment sector plays in delivering a climate neutral Europe. 

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How WorldGBC & its Green Building Councils are demonstrating action against their COP21 commitments

Wed, 9th Nov 2016

At COP21 in Paris last December, WorldGBC, its network of Green Building Councils in over 70 countries around the world and their 27,000 member companies made a high level commitment to reduce emissions from buildings.

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