Green Building Council Brasil


Green Building Council Brasil is committed to transforming the construction industry and the society towards sustainability by engaging and using market forces to design, build and operate buildings and communities in an integrated way.

Progressively, GBC Brasil is leading and framing a new build environment where all are going to work, study and live in a green building. Its activities focus on development and promotion of certification rating tools for buildings; professional engagement and continued education; promotion of socio-cultural initiatives; and the creation of a large collaborative platform with participation from the Government, private sector, associations and academia.



From Thousands to Billions - Coordinated Action towards 100% Net Zero Carbon Buildings By 2050

Wed, 31st May 2017

Through its report From Thousands to Billions, WorldGBC calls for a dramatic and ambitious transformation towards a completely zero carbon built environment by 2050. 

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WorldGBC’s Advancing Net Zero project takes step forward as Australia, Canada, Germany, India & US announce plans to recognise zero emissions buildings

Thu, 10th Nov 2016

The goal to ensure that every single building produces zero carbon emissions by 2050 takes another step forward.

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How Green Building Council Brasil shaped the sustainability of the Rio 2016 Olympic venues

Mon, 8th Aug 2016

Following London 2012’s crown of the “greenest games ever”, and Brazil’s existing social and environment challenges such as deforestation, poor water quality in certain areas...

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WorldGBC launches groundbreaking project to ensure all buildings are “net zero” by 2050

Tue, 28th Jun 2016

The World Green Building Council has today launched a groundbreaking new project which aims to ensure that all buildings are “net zero” by 2050, to help deliver on the ambition of the Paris Agreement and tackle climate change.

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The why and the how

Mon, 30th May 2016

Since the launch of the Better Places for People Office and Retail reports, our national green building councils have been hard at work getting their members to understand the “why” and “how” of healthy buildings.

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Tuesday 08th August 2017 to Thursday 10th August 2017

Greenbuilding Brasil will focus on sustainability, with lectures and educational sessions in high technical level, with renowned national and international professionals.