Green Building Council Finland


GBC Finland strives to make the aspect of sustainable development a natural part of both the real estate and construction industry. Taking energy and environmental efficiency into account yields significant benefits for the owners, investors, users, builders, and developers of the Finnish built environment.

GBC Finland promotes new and innovative solutions and offers impartial information and studies to be used by the member organizations in their decision-making. The association provides its members with training in sustainability, information services, and development. GBC Finland also brings a national perspective on how to adapt international environmental certifications, such as LEED and BREEAM, to Finnish real estate.



European cities commit to net zero buildings

Wed, 4th Dec 2019

Today leading European cities and companies pledged to slash carbon emissions from their buildings to net zero. Helsinki, Finland and Valladolid, Spain have signed WorldGBC's Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment, alongside property sector leaders BuroHappold, Carbon Credentials, Deerns, Grimshaw Architects, Grosvenor Group, Newsec Finland and Ylva.

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New green building leaders join WorldGBC's Board of Directors

Mon, 1st Jul 2019

The World Green Building Council has today announced its new Board of Directors. 

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WorldGBC Europe publishes advocacy manifesto urging decision makers to recognise vital role of built environment sector in delivering a climate neutral Europe

Thu, 27th Jun 2019

Over 20 countries from WorldGBC's Europe Regional Network have published a manifesto, A Sustainable Built Environment at the Heart of Europe’s Future urging decision makers to recognise the vital role that the built environment sector plays in delivering a climate neutral Europe. 

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Collaboration, Consensus & Change: Three C’s for Circularity

Thu, 13th Jun 2019

WorldGBC Europe's Head of Projects Stephen Richardson demystifies how to achieve circularity in the built environment and outlines how European Green Building Councils are taking measures to close the loop for buildings and construction.

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Green Building Councils forge new path on energy efficient mortgages

Tue, 17th Oct 2017

Ten Green Building Councils from Europe met in London today ahead of the publication of new research strengthening the case for energy efficient mortgages.

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GBC Finland & WorldGBC gather experts to implement new EU building policy

Tue, 9th May 2017

GBC Finland and WorldGBC gathered a group of expert and influential organisations today to begin the important task of implementing a new EU policy on sustainable buildings.

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How WorldGBC & its Green Building Councils are demonstrating action against their COP21 commitments

Wed, 9th Nov 2016

At COP21 in Paris last December, WorldGBC, its network of Green Building Councils in over 70 countries around the world and their 27,000 member companies made a high level commitment to reduce emissions from buildings.

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