Green Building Council South Africa


The Green Building Council SA (GBCSA) was formed in 2007 to lead the greening of South Africa’s commercial property sector. They provide the tools, training, knowledge and networks to promote green building practices across the country and build a national movement that will change the way the world is built. GBCSA has developed the Green Star SA rating system and is the official certification body for Green Star SA projects. 



Former WorldGBC Chair Bruce Kerswill receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Wed, 18th Oct 2017

Bruce Kerswill, the former Chair of the World Green Building Council, has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA)

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Green Building Council South Africa launches net zero building certification

Thu, 12th Oct 2017

The Green Building Council South Africa has officially launch of its net zero building certification, and announced the certification of the first four projects under its Net Zero Pilot Certification scheme.

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From Thousands to Billions - Coordinated Action towards 100% Net Zero Carbon Buildings By 2050

Wed, 31st May 2017

Through its report From Thousands to Billions, WorldGBC calls for a dramatic and ambitious transformation towards a completely zero carbon built environment by 2050. 

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WorldGBC’s Advancing Net Zero project takes step forward as Australia, Canada, Germany, India & US announce plans to recognise zero emissions buildings

Thu, 10th Nov 2016

The goal to ensure that every single building produces zero carbon emissions by 2050 takes another step forward.

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Green Building Councils & cities join forces to ramp up building energy efficiency

Wed, 27th Jul 2016

Green Building Councils are joining forces with leading cities around the world to dramatically ramp up energy efficiency within buildings.

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South Africa - leading the green building charge into Africa

Tue, 26th Jul 2016

With the momentum steadily building since COP21, the UN’s now widely-celebrated climate change negotiations, green building is rapidly becoming ‘business as usual’... 

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WorldGBC launches groundbreaking project to ensure all buildings are “net zero” by 2050

Tue, 28th Jun 2016

The World Green Building Council has today launched a groundbreaking new project which aims to ensure that all buildings are “net zero” by 2050, to help deliver on the ambition of the Paris Agreement and tackle climate change.

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