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The New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) follows their vision for New Zealanders to live, work and play in healthy, efficient and productive buildings in a sustainable built environment. NZGBC works to achieve this vision through promoting the benefits of sustainable buildings by creating a common language and demonstrating the value, assisting the property and construction sector to acquire the skills and knowledge to be able to deliver a sustainable built environment and motivating and rewarding the sustainable development and operation of buildings across New Zealand.



Constructing new buildings could pump out climate pollution equivalent to one million cars – NZGBC report

Mon, 19th Aug 2019

Constructing and renovating New Zealand buildings between now and 2050 could pump out climate change pollution equivalent to one million cars on the road every year, a new report on embodied carbon by New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) reveals.

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Living the dream: My experience building & occupying my own green certified home

Thu, 28th Sep 2017

In this blog for World Green Building Week 2017, New Zealand Green Building Council's Lee Ann Durbin shares her experiences of building and living in a green home. 

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World Green Building Week 2016 – how our global movement changed perspectives on green buildings

Mon, 3rd Oct 2016

Wow! What a week. From last Monday until yesterday, Green Building Councils, their members and many more organisations and individuals around the globe participated in World Green Building Week 2016!

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Which women are leading the way in the global green building movement?

Tue, 8th Mar 2016

Today is International Women’s Day – an opportunity to celebrate the social, economic, cultural political, and of course, environmental achievements of women around the world.

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