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The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is committed to transforming the way our buildings are designed, constructed and operated through LEED — the top third-party verification system for sustainable structures around the world.

Every day USGBC is helping advance spaces that are better for the environment and healthier for us to live, work and play in. Through our community network, continuous collaboration with industry experts, market research publications and LEED professional credentials, USGBC remains a key driving force in the green building sector.



New USGBC research explores green building industry’s role in highlighting the importance of buildings as a global solution

Mon, 29th Apr 2019

As part of its Living Standard initiative, the USGBC has released a new U.S. public research report titled Standard Issue that sets out to better gauge how the public feels about issues at the core of the green building community’s mission: sustainability, green buildings and the environment.

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The global green building movement stands united on fighting climate change

Fri, 2nd Jun 2017

WorldGBC, its global network of Green Building Councils and their member companies will stand united in our efforts to fight climate change through green building, writes CEO Terri Wills.

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From Thousands to Billions - Coordinated Action towards 100% Net Zero Carbon Buildings By 2050

Wed, 31st May 2017

Through its report From Thousands to Billions, WorldGBC calls for a dramatic and ambitious transformation towards a completely zero carbon built environment by 2050. 

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WorldGBC’s Advancing Net Zero project takes step forward as Australia, Canada, Germany, India & US announce plans to recognise zero emissions buildings

Thu, 10th Nov 2016

The goal to ensure that every single building produces zero carbon emissions by 2050 takes another step forward.

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How WorldGBC & its Green Building Councils are demonstrating action against their COP21 commitments

Wed, 9th Nov 2016

At COP21 in Paris last December, WorldGBC, its network of Green Building Councils in over 70 countries around the world and their 27,000 member companies made a high level commitment to reduce emissions from buildings.

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Rick Fedrizzi, City of Vancouver & Saint-Gobain CEO honoured in WorldGBC Awards

Tue, 18th Oct 2016

The World Green Building Council has announced the winners of its prestigious Chairman’s Award and the David Gottfried Award at a ceremony held in the Golden Hall of Stockholm City Hall, the venue of the annual Nobel Prize banquet.

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Indoor Air Quality and its Impact on Cognitive Functions

Sun, 20th Mar 2016

A landmark report published in the fall by Harvard’s School of Public Health’s Center for Health and the Global Environment in conjunction with SUNY Update Medical University and Syracuse University...

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