Why are green homes important?

Across the world, evidence is growing that green buildings – and that includes the homes we live in – bring multiple benefits. They can help us to tackle climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions; help create sustainable communities and drive economic growth. And, for most of us, going green starts at home. You can start small – perhaps changing your light bulbs to LEDs – then make a different, bigger change each year – like switching to a low-carbon energy provider, upgrading to greener, energy saving appliances, or exploring ways to generate energy in your home, for example, through solar panels. It all adds up. Together, our individual actions make a collective impact. Here are just some of the reasons why green homes matter:

  • Saving energy: Green buildings that achieve the Green Star certification in Australia produce 62% fewer greenhouse gas emissions and use 51% less potable water than average buildings. In India, homes certified by the Indian Green Building Council save 40-50% more energy than conventional buildings.
  • Improving wellbeing: Research shows that better indoor air quality (low concentrations of CO2 and pollutants, and high ventilation rates) can boost productivity by up to 8%.
  • Growing investments: For landlords and building owners, green buildings – both new and renovated – command a 7% increase in asset value over traditional ones.