Share World Green Building Week

Share on social media:

  • Join the conversation using the hashtags #HomeGreenHome and #WGBW2018.
  • Make a #HomeGreenHome Promise and share it with our custom graphic or a photo. Example promises include:
    • I pledge to cut my energy use by 20% over a year. That’s my #HomeGreenHome promise.
    • I’m going to tell my work colleagues about #WGBW2018 over a lunch and learn. That’s my #HomeGreenHome promise.
    • I’m switching all my light bulbs to LEDs. That’s my #HomeGreenHome promise.
    • I’m going to turn the thermostat down and save energy and money. That’s my #HomeGreenHome promise.

Talk to your network about why green homes matter and urge them to join the #HomeGreenHome movement.