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Each Regional Network works on various projects that enable Green Building Councils to accelerate their efforts nationally and regionally. These projects are chosen by Green Building Councils in a region, and are based on strategic priorities set out by the Network, the number of Green Building Councils that can engage, and the impact that can be achieved. 



Sahab Municipality of Jordan joins two projects with WorldGBC

Wed, 3rd Jun 2020

Sahab Municipality partners with Jordan Green Building Council to join the Building Efficiency Accelerator and Plant a Sensor Campaign.

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WorldGBC is working with Chatham House and UN-Habitat to develop a regional agenda for sustainable recovery, regeneration and reconstruction for post-conflict countries in the Arab region.


Sunday 24th February 2019 to Tuesday 26th February 2019

Register now for the unmissable MENA Green Building Congress 2019 on 25-26 February in Amman, Jordan! Join us to learn about the latest green building trends across the industry and to understand the opportunities and challenges relating to green buildings in the region.

Wednesday 17th May 2017

The 2017 MENA Green Building Awards celebrate achievements, success stories and best practices across the region.